Yoga Asanas for Cervical Spondylosis: Cervical Spondylosis Natural Treatment Details

Your persistent neck pain could either be cervical spondylosis or spondylitis. Whatever it may be, find here Cervical Spondylosis Yoga Poses and Neck Pain Yoga Exercises that will help you with neck pain relief.

Your persistent neck pain could either be cervical spondylosis or spondylitis. Whatever it may be, find here Cervical Spondylosis Yoga Poses and Neck Pain Yoga Exercises that will help you with neck pain relief.

Gone are the days when the only cause of cervical spondylosis was aging. Today it is a very common ailment especially among those who spend a major part of their day in front of computer or other types of screens such as TVs, smartphones or tablets.

Cervical Spondylosis Symptoms and Causes

What actually causes Cervical Spondylosis is constant pressure on the bone and cartilages of neck due of bad posture that compel the neck to bend forward.

When you constantly look at your office computer or your personal smartphone or tablet, you are actually bending your neck for longer duration than what it is designed for. This results in extra pressure on the cartilages and faster wear and tear of bones and subsequently affecting the overall cervical vertebra region. It causes constant neck pain, stiff shoulders or headache at the back of the head that may start hampering daily movement unless proper Cervical Spondylosis treatment is taken.

For a detailed information on Cervical Spondylosis symptoms and causes, go through our article which has been linked here.

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 Yoga for Spondylosis

The good news is that spondylitis or spondylosis can be cured or managed to a great extent by regular yoga practice such as Baba Ramdev Yoga for Neck pain. As yoga is a natural home remedy, you need not spend money on this therapy. You get many other health benefits in addition to the actual treatment. In fact, when you practice neck pain yoga by Ramdev, you make your whole spine flexible which is essential for overall fitness and health.

Baba Ramdev Yoga for Neck Pain Video

Yoga Postures for Neck Pain | Neck Pain Yoga Exercises

The yoga postures that cure neck pain are backward bending poses for obvious reasons. As spondylitis develops due to constant forward bending positions, you need to set it right by keeping your neck in just the opposite direction, i.e. backward neck bending positions. There are various backward neck bending or spine stretching postures that work wonders as Cervical Spondylosis natural treatment.

Yoga Asanas for Neck and Shoulder Pain | Cervical Spondylosis Yoga Poses

Here are a few most effective yoga exercises for shoulder and neck pain:

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Well as the name suggests, in Bhujangasana, you take support your shoulders with arms rested on ground while arching your back backwards. This will reverse the direction of your neck strain and basically neutralize it.

Above: Bhujangasana pose photo

Ustrasana or Camel Pose

Ustrasana is quite a complicated asana which should be done with precaution. Also known as Ushtrasana, this yoga asana for neck pain relief is also called as camel pose is because it has resemblance to that of a camel when the desert animal is taking rest.

Above : Hot Yoga pose photo – Camel Pose pic

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar may sound very simple and is often neglected. Our ancestors always had this sun salutation as part of their morning regime. Scientifically speaking, this simple yoga practice exposes the body to Sun and that in turn can help in evaporation of any excess fluid that may be causing inflammation.

Surya Namaskar - Saludo al Sol
Surya Namaskar – Saludo al Sol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Above: Surya Namaskar Photo

Matyasana or Fish Posture

Matyasana also known as fish posture helps in strengthening the back of your neck. This is an easy-to-perform yoga asana as you have to lay flat on your back, bend your knees backwards and leaving a slight gap between your back and the floor. In this yoga asana for neck pain relief, you also need to have your head pulled down backwards to let the fluid balance themselves.

Above: Fish Posture photo

Makarasana or Crocodile Pose

With Makarasana, you get to relax nicely like a crocodile. Lie down on your stomach and lift your upper body while supporting your cheeks with hands. This yoga asana has a direct impact on your musculo-skeletal system – helping out in straightening and stretching of the muscles.

Above: Makarasana yoga asana or crocodile pose photo

Naukasana or Boat Posture

In Naukasana, you lift both your legs and upper body simultaneously while facing the arms in an upward direction. Staying in this boat posture is helpful in relieving your neck pain.

Above: Naukasana or boat posture photo

We hope that you find these neck pain yoga exercises and Cervical Spondylosis yoga poses useful in managing your neck pain.

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