Causes and Symptoms of Nose Bleeding

Nose Bleeding is the bleeding from the nose that can range anything between a minor tickle to sudden flow of blood from the nose.

Nose bleeding is not a major worry even though they look scary when blood comes out of nose.

Nosebleeds can be treated with some effective home remedies that will be discussed in a post later. Nose bleeds are mild and the blood loss is usually negligible.

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Nose bleed causes

Nose bleeds may be caused due to trauma from an accident or an assault on the face or nose area. Nose bleeds may also result due to aggressive blowing of the nose sometimes.

The blood vessels in the nose may swell and rupture due to an inflammation caused by cold, dry winter air or allergy. Sometimes you may notice blood stains on your clothes when you wake up in the morning.

Nose bleeds are usually painless if it is caused by these reasons.

Nosebleeds symptoms

Symptoms of nosebleeds include continuous flow of blood or a minor trickle from nose. It may seem to be a lot of blood loss but it is negligible.

Severe blood loss may result due to injuries which are accompanied by pain.

Home remedies for nose bleeding will be explained in the next post. Follow our site to know home remedies for all types of health problems and many other disorders.

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