Try these exercises to burn belly fat fast! Weight loss Exercises

If you are searching ways to loose belly fat faster, then you have come to the right place and in this post we will discuss about exercises to loose belly fat.

So engage in the exercises and workout to get a perfect shape. Experts suggest that by doing some simple exercises you can tone belly fat easily at home.

If you want to take a resolution to shed off your extra calories, then this coming New Year will be a perfect time and we would recommend some easy exercises to do at home.

Check out some simple exercises to tone belly fat at home.

Leg raises to burn belly fat

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Leg raises helps you in building upper body strength and also to core muscles. For this you need to lie down flat on your back and stretch your legs straight out. Lift your legs up straight to a 90 degree angles over the hips and lower back down without touching the floor.

Push ups to burn belly fat

Even though many people avoid push ups as they think that it is difficult to do but there are many benefits of doing push ups. Push ups help to tone shoulders, arms, back and core.

Let us see how to do push ups, Lie down on the floor with the palms of your hands placed at hip wide apart. Put your arms straight and raise your body off the ground and check that only your hands and toe tips touch the floor. Then after you reach the push up position, slowly allow your body gravitate to the floor.

Sit ups to burn belly fat

Did you know that by doing sit ups on a regular basis, you can strengthen your midriff area and build up abs.

To do sit ups you need to lie down on the floor by putting your feet firmly flat on the ground and bend your knees. Keep your hands on either side of the head, release your neck from chin and put yur complete body up towards knee caps leading with your chest. After reaching sitting position, take your body down slowly back down to the ground.

Do these exercises four times a week to burn your belly fat easily at home.

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