Six foods that can prevent stroke – Foods which protects brain

Let us discuss about the foods that can help you to prevent stroke and protect your brain from brain stroke.

Brain stroke occurs when it is deprived of blood and it starts failing to work which leads to stroke. Here are the foods that can protect the brain from strokes.

Tomatoes – Tomatoes, the red berries contain an anti-oxidant known as lycopene that can prevent stroke. The chance of getting stroke declines when there is more lycopene in your body.

health benefits of tomatoes
health benefits of tomatoes

Chocolate also reduces the chance of getting stroke.

Whole grains also reduce the getting of stroke in most of the cases.

Low fat dairy contain Vitamin D which is present in the milk and it regulates the blood pressure thereby preventing the stroke.

Magnesium rich foods like beans, lentils, nuts and green vegetables cut down the chance of developing stroke.

If you eat fish every week, it can reduce the chance of getting stroke as it contains omega-3s which prevent stroke.


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