RoohAfza maker launches RoohAfza Fusion ready-to-drink juice-based beverage product range

Hamdard Laboratories India, better known as the maker of summer sherbet RoohAfza, has entered the ready-to-serve beverage segment with the launch of the RoohAfza Fusion product range.

This move to launch the RoohAfza Fusion drinks is said to be in line with the massive transformation that is happening at its laboratories.

RoohAfza Fusion is going to be a fusion of RoohAfza sherbet with pure fruit juice.

The product will be available in five flavours – lemon, orange, mango, pineapple and orange, and litchi.

RoohAfza Fusion will be sold in Tetra pak septic packaging with a price of Rs 20 for a 200ml pack.

Indian public can associate RoohAfza as a summer cooling drink that is found in most households. RoohAfza is a rose sherbet which can be consumed by adding one part of it with three parts of water in a glass.


More than being a household summer drink, RoohAfza can be found across lassi counters across the streets as most vendors have it to mix it with lassi, faluda and buttermilk.

RoohAfza has been a historic brand with more than hundred years of experience. To launch into a ready-to-drink form product range is something that is really ambitious from Hamdard.

During the RoohAfza Fusion launch, Hamdard Labarotories Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Mansoor Ali said: The Drink of India”. In the last few years, there has been a perceivable growth in the popularity of instant or ready to serve juice based beverages. Ready to serve drinks are really popular amongst children and youth, and this is the TG which is driving growths in the overall consumption of this category.

“There has been a perceivable change in consumption patterns, especially in the youth who are now turning to natural, herbal products which are perceived as more healthy. RoohAfza sits naturally on this positioning, and Fusion is hence a natural extension in the format that connects with the youth and the upwardly mobile.

“Fusion extends the brand to new consumers, while retaining our existing users and offering them an exciting variation of their favourite RoohAfza in fruit flavours.”

It is no secret that soft drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi and others are losing their way because of the huge amount of sugar they contain besides the negative perception that they carry around.

In the recent past, the carbonated drinks have lost out somewhat to ready-to-drink fruit juice brands such as Real, Tropicana and others. It seems that Hamdard wants to test its luck with its RoohAfza Fusion product range.

Hamdard Laboratories AGM Marketing Amit Aneja said: “Juice based drinks happen to be the fastest growing segment under the soft drinks category & is projected to grow by 2.5 times of its current size by 2020. So with RoohAfza Fusion we are entering the right segment at the right time & with such a novel concept we are confident that RoohAfza Fusion will surely prove to be a category shaker.”

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