Olen Cosmetics launches Sunblocz natural sunscreen

Canada based Olen Cosmetics, the maker of products like Baby Butz and Supraderm, has launched a new natural sunscreen product Sunblocz.

The Sunblocz creams are available without any prescription and are claimed to be safe and highly effective in prevention and treatment of sun burn.

Compared to other chemical sunscreen lotions or creams, Sunblocz is said to be a 100% natural sunscreen with a pending patent waiting to be approved.

Sunblocz natural sunscreen product is available in two formulations as Sunblocz (tinted) and Sunblocz Baby & Kids (natural).

Sunblocz sunscreen can be used in reef areas as well as in marine parks. It does not have any chemicals in it and works better than any other sunscreens and made from 100% natural ingredients.

Olen Cosmetics Sunblocz Natural Sunscreen
Sunblocz – 100% natural sunscreen (patent pending) (PRNewsFoto/Olen Cosmetics Corporation)

Sunblocz is available in 50 + SPF and is water resistant. It is a UVA and UVB broad spectrum sunscreen which protects from harmful UV rays.

The new sunscreen product from Olen Cosmetics is also hypoallergenic and is also eczema safe.

Sunblocz is said to be totally free from gluten, phthalates and parabens.

It has been clinically tested as per FDA OTC Sunscreen Monograph regulations and is licensed NPN Health Canada. Olen’s Sunblocz is FDA registered and has patent protection.

According to Olen, the Sunblocz cream spreads evenly with nice odour while keeping the skin soft and smooth. It does not sting the eyes.

As an added benefit, the Sunblocz natural sunscreen cream also has an insect repellent in it.

Majda Ficko, Olen Cosmetics founder says: “This amazing sunscreen product does everything except apply itself.”

Olen Cosmetics Sunblocz sunscreen is believed to be attracting global consumers with many of them wanting to stay away from chemicals in their personal care products.

The global trend has been to go with natural personal care products as they do not have the chemicals for the risks of sun burn or skin cancer attached with them.

Efforts are being made by Olen Cosmetics for the global distribution of Sunblocz natural sunscreen.



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