New injection for erectile dysfunction P-shot also increases penis size

A new treatment has been introduced for treating erectile dysfunction in men and comes with a additional feature of increasing penis size too.

The new treatment termed as Priapus shot also known as P-shot is a non-surgical injection that is available at a cost of Rs 80,000 for a single jab. The injection is now available at the clinics in UK.

The P-shot helps to increase blood-flow triggering higher sensitivity and cause tissue regeneration. It is used with a penis pump that help to stretch a penis, it additionally cause an increase in the penis size.

Consulting a Doctor
Consulting a Doctor

Erectile dysfunction is the major sexual problem faced by majority of the men due to increasing age as well as their increasing porn viewing.

Even though there are many therapies, drugs and implants available for treating erectile dysfunction to give men a better sex life, the new treatment aims in to tackle erectile issues as well as in increasing the penis size for better and stronger erection by improving the sensitivity.

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