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In order to maintain the health of your nails, you have to follow few natural nail care tips. You have to take care of your nails regularly by following some nail care home remedies and simple nail care tips at home.

Nail Care with Olive Oil

Add few drops of olive oil is a cup of hot water. Immerse your nails in the hot water for few minutes. Massage you nails for some time after taking them out of the hot water. By doing this regularly, your nails become shiny and beautiful.

nail care home remedies
nail care home remedies

Rose water for Nails

Wipe your nails daily with rose water to keep them beautiful. You can also add lemon juice to rose water and wipe your nails with this mixture frequently. This mixture provide your nails with required moisture and keeps them healthy too.

Baby oil for nails

You can also apply baby oil which is used for massaging babies. This oil prevent your nails from drying and breaking down. So massage your nails gently with baby oil.

Cucumber (Keera) for Nail Care

We know that keera is good for skin care. It is also beneficial for nail care too. You can rub your nails with slices of cucumber. This brings glow to your nails and keeps them healthy and beautiful

Nail Care with Coconut oil

You can also try nail care with coconut oil. The useful fatty acids and nutrients present in coconut oil are very much beneficial to your nails. Massage your nails with few drops of coconut oil daily. Do this twice daily for better results.

Toothpaste for Nails

You can use toothpaste which is used for brushing your teeth to the nails. Apply toothpaste for nails and rub the nails with a soft brush. This toothpaste removes the dirt present on the nails and makes them shiny.

So, follow these simple nail care tips at home with interesting and simple nail care home remedies.

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