Learn how to tackle anaemia, its deficiency disorders

Anaemia is the condition of the blood characterized by decrease in the hemoglobin count due to deficiency of iron and also due to lack of Vitamin B12, B6, Copper of Folic acid. To know more about anaemia and its deficiency disease check What is meant by Anaemia? Deficiency diseases and foods to treat anaemia.

Below is the list of remedies to tackle anaemia

People with anaemia need to eat iron rich diet that includes green leafy vegetables, beet root, liver, dried fruits, lentils, brown rice, molasses and bread made of whole grain flour.

Spinach - a green leafy vegetable
Spinach – a green leafy vegetable

Anaemic people should avoid tea, coffee and other antacids as they reduce the absorption of iron into the body.

You can take Epsom salt bath or soak your feet in that water for 5-10 minutes.

Consume 3-4 figs daily and it works as a wonderful remedy for anaemia.

Take care to eat proper balanced diet to get all the required nutrients.

Consumption of dandelion leaf extract also helps you to overcome anemic condition.

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