Know how plastic surgery helps in scar reduction

Plastic Surgery has become common now a days as many people are going for plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery to beautify their body and to reduce scars.

So let us see how plastic surgery helps in scar reduction. Unsightly scars may be formed due to birth defect or an injury and plastic surgery can be used to reduce those scars to thin hairlines.

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Plastic surgery for scar reduction can be applied only when there is not much damage to the surrounding areas and the underlying tissues. Damages in the tissues may occur during severe burns. This plastic surgery for scar reduction involves removal of the old scar tissue by undermining he surrounding skin and bringing it together with very fine stitches.

When coming to the first person who had underwent plastic surgery for scar reduction, Walter Yeo received plastic surgery of skin flap surgery. The surgery was performed by Sir Harold Delf Gillies in 1917. Walter Yeo lost his both upper and lower eyelids in a tragic accident and the surgery used a skin flap from an unaffected body area and paved a way for sudden rash of improvements in plastic surgery field.

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