Know how to maintain your spinal health and guard your backbone

Spinal health is important for the overall health as it directly connects to the brain and carries signals from the brain to all other parts of the body.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your backbone health

Milk products – Calcium rich foods

Proper Posture

Maintain a proper posture and keep your shoulders, neck and back straight as much as possible and keep your head high.

While lifting something, bend your knees and squat if possible but don’t bend directly. This helps to prevent strain and back pain.

Stretch your back as much as possible.

Proper exercise should be done that includes some muscle building exercises as more muscles keeps the spine in position.

Avoid sleeping on stomach and sleep on back or side. Use only single pillow and not more than that.

Take a proper nutritious diet and consume plenty of Omega 3, Calcium, Vitamin D and proteins.

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