Invisible braces for teeth straightening launched in Mumbai

Dhruv Polyclinic in Mumbai has launched the Invisible Braces Mumbai. It is a new method of treatment for straightening or aligning your crooked and crowded teeth.

In a traditional method, beautiful smiles were brought by making crowns or veneers on teeth. This method involved heavy drilling which resulted in loss of natural structure of tooth.

For orthodontic straightening of teeth, metal wires and brackets were fixed to teeth. This orthodontic treatment takes upto two years and so is not convenient for majority of people.

Invisible Braces Mumbai
Invisible Braces Mumbai

So if you want to have a beautiful smile in short duration, you can visit Invisible Braces Mumbai which can straighten you teeth in just six months time. They use clear aligners so that your braces are not visible to the public.

The clinic customizes as per the customer needs. They also offer a free orthodontic assessment and puts in their effort to study your case and plans the treatment accordingly.

They also help you to visualize the treatment process and the result too before the start of the treatment itself.

You can get safe and comfortable treatment at Invisible Braces Mumbai.

They have also announced a launch offer as Rs 50,000 discount for the first 10 cases. So if you want t have teeth straightening, you can book for a free assessment and avail the offer.

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