Unexpected ways to improve sperm count and quality with walnuts

Check out the unexpected ways to improve sperm count and quality with walnuts & know the walnut benefits for fertility in men in this DailyHealthNeeds post.

There are many walnut benefits for men, especially when it comes to improving their fertility for men. This is so because walnuts are a rich source of polyunsaturated fats that improve the sperm quality and motility. Let us take a look at Walnut benefits for fertility in men.

Improve Sperm Count and Quality

Polyunsaturated fats are mostly found only in walnuts and other nuts that can be eaten and their intake can improve sperm count and quality.

As per a report in Daily Mail Online, scientists believe that diet rich in walnut improves sperm quality by slowing down lipid peroxidation, a process which damages the sperm cells.

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Walnut Benefits for Fertility. Photo courtesy of africa/freedigitalphotos.net.

Walnut Benefits for Fertility in Men

Many men often try various ways for improving their sex life and in order to make their partners conceive, a healthy sperm count is very important which can be achieved by including walnut in the diet.

Recent studies suggest that walnuts are one of the best male fertility supplements especially for those planning to conceive a child with their partners.

Improve Male Fertility with Walnuts

Wondering how to improve male fertility with walnuts? Well, walnuts contribute to both motility and morphology which are the main criteria for a healthy sperm. This means walnut helps in sperm movement to egg.

A recently held research on childless couples revealed that in nearly 40% of the couples, the main reason for not able to give birth to a child was male infertility.

Even though there are many male infertility treatments, walnuts can be added as new addition to one’s diet to increase sperm count and quality. Hope you liked our post on walnut benefits for fertility in men.

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