Follow these simple tips to get rid of back pain | Back pain treatment

Back pain is the common problem among women and can be controlled by changing the lifestyle with minor changes.

Even though there may be many reasons for getting back pain, it can be controlled by following some simple tips which will be explained in this post.

We may suffer from back pain if we sit at one place constantly in either home or office. We may also experience back pain if we do not sit in correct posture or by not sitting straight.

Young woman with Back Pain
Young woman with Back Pain (Image Courtesy: nenetus/

So practice sitting straight first and if you have to sit and work constantly, take a break for every 30 minutes and walk for 2-3 minutes

Stretching exercises can also help you to get rid of back pain.

Check that your sleeping mattress is good for giving you good sleep. Sleeping time of seven to eight hours is essential for good health. If you have good sleep, the backbone will be under rest and prevents you from getting pains.

Our body weight falls on back so if you are overweight try to reduce your weight. Overweight is also a factor of getting back pain.

Some people lift the article with heavy weight by leaning suddenly and they have risk of suffering from back pain. So inorder to prevent back pain, first lean on your knees and lift the weight.

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