Effective drug for Alzheimer’s treatment will be available soon

As per the latest reports from the experts, an effective drug to treat Alzeihmer’s disease will be available soon and also a vaccine to prevent Alzeihmer’s disease could also be available within a decade.

Clinical trails on 12 drugs is being carried out which could be life-changing and the trials will be completed by 2021. The 12 drugs are in the final stages of the cinical trials and so the first life changing treatment could be possible within three years.

generic capsules imageSheer number of people suffering from dementia and the health system could face significant financial and practical challenges to get the new treatment quickly to people. So the researchers are developing creative and collaborative solutions to solve these challenges.

The current drugs for Alzheimer’s treatment which are available in the market are aimed in treating the symptoms of the condition and not the disease.

Huge amount of development is going on and the researchers are considering the availability on new treatments for Alzheimer’s.

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