Diet and Care to be taken during Pregnancy

A pregnant woman
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How to take care of your Diet during your Pregnancy?

During pregnancy period, a woman needs to take more nutritious diet than usual days. Double the amount of vitamins, minerals and salts have to be taken.

For the fetus to grow properly with good health condition, proper nutrition has to be taken. To prevent the health problems and stretch marks which occur after delivery, certain precautions have to be taken from before itself.

  • Dieting has to be stopped immediately by the women who have that habit. For a normal woman, daily requirement of energy is 2100 calories. But when pregnant, an additional 300 calories of energy is required and it has to be supplied through diet.
  • Four cups of milk have to be compulsorily taken daily and she has to eat more than two fruits. Vegetables in all colours should be taken. Preferably the food containing calcium, vitamin D, iron, folic acid have to be taken in double amount. Though they are obtained from tablets, it is better to get them through natural diet.
  • It is good to reduce the salt intake as much as possible. More water has to be taken. Pregnant women have to carry out their normal daily activities unless insisted by the doctor to take bed rest. Due to this the problems like back pain, constipation, insomnia can be prevented. The possibility of normal delivery can be increased many folds and also recovered fastly after delivery.
  • Due to pregnancy, the skin gets expanded and stretch marks are formed. To prevent the stretch marks, massage the stomach gently daily with Olive Oil for some time from the first month itself. After the delivery also it can be continued for 1 or 2 months if only it is a normal delivery. Coconut water has to be taken frequently as it is good to their skin. Ghee has to be taken daily in food so that it acts as a natural moisturizer.
  • Hair dyeing has to be stopped at least in the important phase i.e. in the first 3 months. It is also advisable to stop usage of anti-dandruff lotions, anti-pimple creams and also to be away from make-up.
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