Dentists warn fruit teas can be bad for your teeth

Fruit teas have become a popular beverage over the years and now the dentists warn that fruit teas may damage your teeth. Most of the people got habituated to consume trendy fruit tea because of its good refreshing taste but it may cause severe damage to the teeth.

Fruit teas contain acid and these acids can erode your teeth and you may have to get treatment for a crown or filling.

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Lemon in hot water is also dangerous as it contain six times citric acid concentration of lemonade.

The study was conducted by King’s College London’s Dental Institute and they found that people who drink fruit teas twice a day are more likely to suffer from severe tooth erosion. The research was carried out on over 300 people who developed the habit of drinking lemon tea or ginger tea or berry teas. They also noticed the growing trend for people to consume hot water and lemon in the morning after getting up.

The researchers explained that heat raises the level of chemical interaction of acids present in teas with teeth and hence damage occurs. So they warn people to be cautious about drinking acidic beverages.

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