Almond oil works well as a natural make-up remover | Almond oil for skin care

Though  wearing a light make-up is almost a necessity for women,  many of them are not aware of some of the most basic tips about make-up. One of them is how to remove your make-up without causing any harm to your skin.

Often most beauty products are made of harsh chemicals which can cause permanent damage to your skin, if not removed within a recommended period of time. Fortunately, a common kitchen item, Almond oil works wonders in removing make-up while nourishing your skin.

Remove eye make-up with almond oil easily? Almond oil eye makeup remover

Almond oil
Almond oil

Removing eye maskara, eye shadow and eye Kajal is a challenging task for most women as extra care has to be taken to ensure that no harm is caused to these sensitive parts. Almond oil makes the job easier. Not only does almond oil help you remove maskara, eye shadow and kajal easily, but also supplies nutrients to eye lashes and eyebrows hair. It goes without saying that almond oil does not contain any chemicals, therefore it does not harm your eyes.

How to remove Skin make-up with almond oil?

By using almond oil to remove your facial make-up, you can get rid of chemicals from your skin along with supplying moisture to the skin. It act as a natural cleanser to remove make-up. Vitamin E present in Almond Oil provides nutrients to your skin and keeps it soft. Almond oil also removes wrinkles that are formed due to aging and thin lines formed due to chemicals which we use for Beauty products that we use for make-up. You can also get rid of any skin allergies that you might be affected for using beauty products.

How to use Almond Oil for removing make-up?

To remove facial make-up, take almond oil in your palms and rub your face gently with this oil. Afterwards, dip a cotton ball in rose water and wipe your face to completely remove the make-up.

To remove eye make-up take some almond oil and gently rub your eyes with it to remove them easily. If you use waterproof mascara and kajal you need to take almond oil in more quantity. Afterwards clean your eyes with lukewarm water.

You can also dip cotton ball in almond oil and rub your eyes with this to remove eye makeup completely and easily.

So if you are one of them to apply make-up everyday, try this natural method of removing make-up easily with almond oil and protect your skin.

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