Beet root benefits for weight loss | Burn your calories with beet root

The best way to get rid of the excess fats from your body is by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet in addition to work outs.

Beet root is rich in minerals and vitamins and is an amazing food for weight loss. Beet root has many other benefits mentioned in previous posts: Beetroot – Health Benefits and other Uses and Does Beetroot Which Has Several Health Benefits Qualify as a Superfood?

Beet root is a rich source of fibre and makes you feel full for long time. 100 grams serving of beet root contains 37-40 calories only and is a good choice for those who want to lose weight.

Beetroot photo
Beetroot benefits

Many studies revealed that beet root helps to lower cholesterol levels by around 40% and also good for heart health.

The best way to consume beet root is to slice it down to thin pieces and add it into your salads. You can also consume a glass of beetroot juice. You can also combine beet root with other vegetables in the juice form.

Beet root can be combined with any of the vegetables or even fruits to assist in weight loss like lemon, carrot, celery, apple and pomegranate.

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