Tension Headaches : Symptoms and Treatment

Tension headaches Tension head aches are the most common type of head aches associated with stress. Persons involved in continuous work without proper rest, people working with computers, lab technicians working with microscopes, welders, people working in factories with lot of noise and sound are some of the people mostly affected with this type of […]

Mechanism of Human Respiration

Mechanism of Human Respiration Oxygen is required by the cells for oxidising the food and to release the energy. The cells cannot utilise the oxygen directly. Air is taken into the lungs first and the oxygen present in the air diffuses into the blood and the carbondioxide diffuses out. This part of respiration is called […]

Human Respiratory System : Parts and Functions

Human Respiratory System : Parts and Functions

Posted under Category : Health Fundas Human Respiratory System Respiratory System is an anatomical system that helps in the exchange of the gases. We need energy for doing the external activities and for carrying out the functions of the internal organs. Energy is released with the help of oxygen present in the air, oxygen reacts […]

Digestive System : Parts and Digestive Glands

Digestive System : Parts and Digestive Glands

Posted under Category : Health Fundas Introduction to the Basics of Digestive System Food is required for getting energy. Food contains carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They are present in complex form and do not give the energy directly. They need to be converted into simpler forms like glucose, aminoacids and fatty acids which give energy. […]

Preparation of Rose Water at Home

Preparation of Rose Water at Home

(Source : ANI) Rose water is used for cleansing the skin and it is also mixed with Henna for better results. Cleansing of skin with rose water does wonders and cleans your skin without any rashes. Let’s learn how to make rose water at home.

Digestion Process in Human Body

Process of Digestion in Human Body Food is passed into the alimentary canal and is distributed to various cells of the body. The complex substances cannot pass through the wall of the alimentary canal and so they are changed to simpler substances by a process called as digestion. The process of digestion is carried out […]

Typhoid Fever : Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis and Prevention

What is Typhoid Fever and Which is the Causative organism? Typhoid which is also known as enteric fever is a bacterial infectious disease that is caused by the bacteria, primarily by Salmonella typhi and also by Salmonella enterica. The bacteria is a gram negative bacteria and is rod shaped. Typhoid is also known as abdominal […]

Common Ailments of Human Body

We face many discomforts in our normal daily life and they go away if specific attention is given to them by following the Doctor’s advice. They are what we call the “Common Ailments of Human Body”. The Human Body Diseases vary in severity and diversity. Any part of the Human body may have the disease […]

Human Body & Organ Systems Basics

Posted under Category : Health Fundas Human Body Our Human Body represents the entire structure of the human organism. It consists of trillions of cells that are organised biologically to form the entire human body. Human body contains different organ systems consisting of various organs. These organ systems are constructed wonderfully to perform various functions. […]